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Ben loves being outdoors, acting and chewing on slippers. After studying at the prestigious Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London, Ben has performed in several productions such as The Wizard Of Paws, There Will Be Poop, 12 Angry Pugs, Resident Beagle, Death Of A Mailman, and the critically acclaimed Dog Father trilogy. On set, Ben was relieved to find out that Kascee would NOT actually ride on his back but would be done with green screen and visual effects. In his spare time Ben relieves stress through making oil paintings of squirrels.

Kascee loves to play with his two older siblings Sami and Austin. He really likes Pokemon and riding his scooter. He actually learned to rope on set and watched himself between takes to offer an opinion that only a five year old could make, which would get everyone laughing. Kascee had a blast on set and looks forward to all your votes!

Will is like a lot of 9 year olds with hobbies that include baseball, basketball, soccer, and playing Minecraft. But with a passion for philanthropy Will is anything but your usual kid. On Thanksgiving day Will handed out over 30 lunch bags filled with food, drinks, pictures and personal messages or Bible verses to people in need, through his foundation "Will's Wings." Will loved being on set. Ben reminded him of the Mastiff dog he grew up with in Tennessee. And working with Kascee was like being with one of his own brothers.

Madeline has a cat named June, she's also learning to play the ukulele, and her guilty pleasure is sneaking full meals into movie theaters. Madeline's favorite part of being on set was hanging out with a giant dog! She wanted to take him home, but he wouldn't exactly fit into her purse.

Occupation: Producer, Writer, Mom

Age: 34

Current City: Ladera Ranch, CA (South Orange County)

Hometown: Oakley, CA (Bay Area)

What inspired your ad?/tell us about your spot:

A mom of two boys (ages 3 and 1), Amber sees plenty of sibling competition and rivalry in her house every day. She wanted to capture this universal theme for her Doritos commercial.


From Cornfest to corn chips: Before becoming a mom, Amber Gill competed in numerous pageantry competitions, becoming the Cornfest Queen of her local corn festival in the farming town of Oakley, Calif., and being named "Miss Greater East Bay" for the Bay Area region of California. She even qualified for the Miss California pageant in 2001. Now, the mother of two boys has decided to go behind the camera to pursue her dreams of making it in Hollywood -- her ultimate dream to create a family-friendly movie. The vocal coach and singer based in Orange County, Calif., entered the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest as her first foray into producing, and now she's already on the cusp of breaking through.

"Cowboy Kid" was shot over two days in a residential area in Fullerton, Calif., in Orange County. Ben, the dog, was the most pampered actor on the set.